What is Stevia?

Joe Nemechek

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Benefits of Herbal Mist Teas

Herbal Mist is a line of unique, all natural, fresh brewed, teas that combine 100% tea with real fruit flavors. Choose your sweetness: pure cane sugar, green leaf stevia and unsweetened await you. Read more

The Benefits of Yerba Maté

There is truth in nature. Since before the Spanish arrived in South America, natives of the region have used and enjoyed the benefits of Yerba Maté, nature’s liquid vegetable. Yerba Maté enjoys a multitude of benefits because of its high nutrient content. Some of these noted benefits..Read more

What is Yerba Maté?

When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in South America in the early 1500’s they discovered that many of the native tribes had a ritual involving a local leaf. That local leaf was Yerba Maté. They would harvest the Yerba Maté around August each year to dry it and store it. Read more

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