What is Yerba Mate?

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When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in South America in the early 1500’s they discovered that many of the native tribes had a ritual involving a local leaf. That local leaf was Yerba Mate (Maté). The locals would harvest the Yerba Maté around August each year to dry it and store it.

Yerba Mate was prepared similarly to tea by brewing in heated water. Then in a community ceremony, the contents were poured into a hollowed out gourd. The natives would gather to sit in a circle and sip the brew through a silver straw called a bombilla. The drink later was called “Mate” and became the national drink of Argentina.

Nature’s Yerba Mate Brew is…
• a plant native to subtropical South America: Northeastern Argentina, Bolivia, Southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.
• a leaf steeped in hot water (not boiling) and served as tea.
• frequently nicknamed the “Liquid Vegetable.”
• a social beverage and part of daily life in South American culture.
• gaining popularity in North America.
• linked to its abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.
• becoming a welcome alternative to many of the sugar infused drinks that are currently available.
The natives of the 1500’s were aware of the properties in Mate. Herbal Mist has harnessed those benefits and married them with its tea to produce one of the only Iced Tea featuring Yerba Maté on the market today.