How does Yerba Mate taste?

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Herbal Mist Tea follows a simple ethos: Good for your body good for your soul.  Herbal Mist is determined to bottle premium, naturally brewed tea with the South American wonder herb Yerba Mate along with all natural flavors.

We believe in the power of Yerba Mate and its many health benefits.  However, what does Yerba Mate taste like?  As many Yerba Mate drinkers will attest to, it is definitely an acquired taste (tastes earthy).  We knew that we could make a great tasting Mate beverage that could be enjoyed by everybody.

Through our proprietary formulation we have successfully combined Yerba Mate with brewed black tea and natural fruit flavors so it tastes just like a premium iced tea should.  All the while, retaining all of the positive attributes associated with Yerba Mate.

Herbal Mist is a great tasting and natural Yerba Mate beverage:

  • 100% Natural, freshly brewed tea, no preservatives
  • Infused with Yerba Mate for rejuvenating and enlivening your mind and body
    • Enjoy the power of Mate without the distinct Yerba Mate taste
  • Contains natural fruit flavors
  • Herbal Mist sweetened with 100% pure cane sugar
  • Diet Herbal Mist sweetened with green leaf Stevia, nature’s sweetener
  • Can by enjoyed chilled or warm (use a safe container)

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Can you heat your iced tea in the microwave and drink it as hot tea? You can with Herbal Mist! To prove that Herbal Mist is real tea, pour it in a cup and heat it in the microwave. You can drink it as hot tea. This proves that Herbal Mist is truly what it says it is. The others cannot claim this!